Pioneer the Future with Passion, Technology, and Ideas

“Create the Future by Manufacturing Products Never Seen Before,” this is what TRYTEC pursues with our customers. Our company’s logo expresses three outpouring energies; passion, technology and ideas, that are indispensable for manufacturing. The logo also expresses “Infinite Creativeness” generating a new “Form” through consistent efforts and challenges.

Make your workplace as simple as possible!
TRYTEC Rotating PC Burner for blast furnaces increases productivity and Self-rotating
Grinding Bit provides a significant reduction in taphole maintenance time.
These are indispensable for steelmaking.

Rotating PC Burner

(Japanese Patent No. 5105293) (PATPEND:PCT/JP2015/086225)

Over 2000°C

With the application of Trytec’ s one-of-a-kind heatproof treatment, the lance pipe won’ t erode even in over 2000°C. Thus, our lance pipe will last longer than ever before (2 to 3 times as long as conventional ones).


No modification of your blow pipe is needed.

Rotating Functionality

The lance pipe is rotatable even during PC injection with our patented metal-to-metal sealing structure applied.

Comparison of the performance of lance pipes

Material Max use temp(℃) Melting point(℃) Life *1*2
SUS310S(JIS) 1.4951(EN) 900 1350 1
Inconel®718 900-1000 1400 1.5
TRYTEC lance pipe 2000 or above 2500 4.5

*1:The life of SUS310S is set at 1.

*2:The life varies depending on the use environment.

Self-rotating Grinding Bit



Required operation time is 80% shorter than conventional clay gun (mud gun) bits. As our grinding bit for your clay gun levels out the surface shallower than grinding by the opener, maintenance of tapholes becomes less frequent.

Low Cost

No additional power supply is needed.


With the special trolley, attaching and detaching the grinding bit is a one person operation.


This grinding bit is attachable to any clay guns (mud guns) with a minor modification.

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  • Company name: TRYTEC Co., Ltd.
  • Address: 1-3-42 Aosaki, Oita, Oita Prefecture 870-0278, Japan
  • Tel: +81-97-578-6156
  • Fax: +81-97-578-6157
  • Capital: 10 million yen
  • Established: May 2005
  • President: Hiroshi Takezaki, CEO
  • Main banks: Oita Bank, Howa Bank

    Business fields:

  1. 1. Manufacture and sale of steelmaking tools
  2. 2. Manufacture and sale of civil engineering tools
  3. 3. Import and sale of metallic products
  4. 4. Design and manufacture of industrial machines
  5. 5. Any works accompanying the above businesses


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